Trae Young is the best point guard in college basketball, and he tied the NCAA’s assists record on Tuesday night.

The Oklahoma Sooners had a meeting against Northwestern State on Tuesday. Expectedly, it was a one-sided matchup. That’s not a knock on them; the Sooners are just other-worldly thanks to Trae Young. In that game, which was a 105-68 win for Oklahoma, Young went out, scored 26 points and dropped 22 dimes, tying the NCAA record.

Before him, Tony Fairley (1987), Avery Johnson (1988) and Sherman Douglas (1989) were the last to reach that mark. Young’s assist total also shattered the previous Big 12 record of 18, held by Oklahoma’s Michael Johnson (1997) Oklahoma State’s Doug Gottlieb (1998).

Young facilitated the Sooners’ offense with damn-near Magic Johnson-esque wizardry. Before any hole opened up, he was zipping the pass through it to his teammate; if someone ducked behind the defense, the ball left Young’s hand before they even turned around, and there was enough air under it for that player to collect himself before powering home the jam. We all knew that Young was an electrifying playmaker, but this was next level.

“It’s outstanding, of course,” said head coach Lon Kruger of his star freshman. “His ability to see it, then the skill to finish plays — the fact that he can shoot it well makes people get on him, so he can drive it and kick. He just makes a lot of good plays.”

Not only does Young makes plays, but he’s also highly intelligent. On Tuesday, he committed just four turnovers, making his assist-to-turnover ratio 5.5-to-1. His 26 points were just the icing on the cake. Northwestern State sent multiple players to Young on various possessions, which helped open up the passing lanes. When they didn’t, he’d just pull-up from wherever he was. There’s a reason why Jay Williams called him the Stephen Curry of college basketball.

Trae Youg went into Tuesday’s game as the nation’s leading scorer, and he left with an average of 28.5. Now, after dropping more than $2 worth of dimes, he’s leading the country with 10.2 assists.

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