DeMarcus Cousins went deep into his bag Wednesday night and showed the Denver Nuggets just how skilled he is.

DeMarcus Cousins - 40 points, 22 rebounds, four assists, four blocks

Whenever the New Orleans Pelicans are without Anthony Davis, it gives DeMarcus Cousins the green light. He’s allowed to do whatever. And it’s quite entertaining. Cousins is awarded this luxury because New Orleans lacks weapons on offense, and he’s got the repertoire to serve as two scorers. Cousins’ recorded his second game this season with at least 40 points and 20 rebounds, and he played the defensive end well and added in four blocks. The Nuggets couldn’t put anyone in front of him because one of two things would happen: Cousins would overpower them and go to the line or — believe it or not — put the ball on the deck and dance his way to the basket.

LeBron James - 32 points, 11 rebounds, nine assists, three steals

I remember that Twitter spent most of the summer telling me that the Cleveland Cavaliers were screwed without their closer, Kyrie Irving. LeBron James is having none of it. After last night, when he buried the dagger three to secure Cleveland’s win, James is leading the league in clutch scoring (5.4) while also shooting 59.2 percent from the field; he’s also first in fourth quarter scoring at 9.4 points. This LeBron that we’re seeing is entirely new. It’s like he went to Germany over the summer and drank from the fountain of youth, except it also gave him superpowers. He also said that he’s playing at 80 percent, and I’m not sure if the NBA is ready for him to turn it up to 100.

Andre Drummond - 27 points, 20 rebounds, six assists

With the way this campaign is shaping up, the only experience that’ll be better than Andre Drummond‘s is Jimi Hendrix’s. The sixth-year big has re-invented himself. Despite a heart-breaking loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Drummond displayed everything. He’s now a behemoth who rebounds at a high rate and convert a host of easy shots and can make plays from the center positions. That adaption is tremendous. It was his ninth game with at least five assists, and his average is up to 4.0. The only centers with more such outings are Nikola Jokic, Al Horford and Cousins.

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